Read PPT and answer questions

Read PPT and answer questions

1.You don’t need to write an APA form essay. 

2.You need to answer the question with clear and detailed points. 

3.All answers must follow the Powerpoint. 

4.Each answer have more than 150 words.

Chapter 14 Slides.pptx 

After reading Chapter Fourteen, answer the following question:

  • One of the major approaches to overcoming service communication challenges is to manage service promises. Select a service industry and explain what strategies a company in that industry would use to manage its service promises to match service promises with delivery?

Chapter 15 Slides.pptx 

After reading Chapter Fifteen, answer the following questions:

  • List three groups of service providers that typically use results-based pricing.
  • Describe the three strategies associated with the complementary pricing of a service.