proposal for the, business and finance homework help

proposal for the, business and finance homework help

For this assignment you need to write a proposal for company.

You do not need to answer all of the questions within each section.

Word:1000-1250  Body font:12 point, Times New Roman, 1 inch margin, signal space. Cited with MLA format 

You may propose, for example, a new marketing strategy. Perhaps you have an idea for a new advertisement. Alternatively, you may propose a new internal business policy to enhance the efficiency of the company you evaluated


·  Provide background

·  Who is your audience?

·  Why is the proposal needed?

·  Why do they care?

·  What is your overall claim and reasons? 

Problem Analysis 

·  What is the problem?

major weaknesses of Amazon are that it continues to invest other business categories and items and therefore risks damaging its brand 

 the company focus on dominating market share has a negative impact on the amount of revenue generated by the organization such as free shipping to clients is an effective business strategy but one that seeks to reduce the profit margins of the company

·  What caused the problem?

·  Whom does this problem affect?

·  What is the current scale of the problem?

·  What will happen if this problem is not solved?

·  Why hasn’t this problem been solved in the past?

·  What will be its future scale?


Solution Description

·  How will you solve the problem?

·  What does this solution require?

·  What personnel will be involved?

·  What is their training?

·  What are its strengths and benefits?

·  How will you measure success?

·  Will your project results be preservable/observable/ repeatable?


·  What time schedule have you established for your work?

·  What are the major checkpoints in that schedule?

·  Here you list your milestones/the breakthroughs of your proposal.

·  When you hope to accomplish the task?


·  outline the costs of your proposed work


·  Why should your audience adopt your solution?

·  Why is your solution a good one for your audience in order to address the problem?

·  What evidence do you have that this solution will work?

·  What are some other possible solutions? Why have they been rejected?

·  Any limitations of the solution?


·  What do your readers need to do now?

·  Why should your readers act immediately?

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