No Logo: Brands Globalization Resistance, discussion help

No Logo: Brands Globalization Resistance, discussion help

To prepare for this week’s discussion forum you must first view the documentary No Logo: Brands Globalization Resistance

The documentary is available on the Media Education Foundation Streaming page (scroll down to List of Available MEF Titles N-Z) here: (Links to an external site.)

If you have difficulty accessing this version, low-res versions are available on YouTube: (Links to an external site.)


After viewing the full program, you must post a short commentary (200-300 words) that reflects on the documentary in light of last week’s focus on labor issues. You must also write a short substantive response (100-150 words) to two of your classmates posts by the end of the week. In your initial post, you should consider: 1) what does the documentary tell us about the changing nature of commodity chains? 2) What new challenges has this created for labor? 3) How has branding and marketing changed in the last three decades? 4) How are workers responding to these issues?

  • Please write the initial post (200-300 words) first. 
  • Read two other postings, and respond substantively (100 words each). ( i will send to you later)