marketing case

marketing case

Case 1: Business Philosophy

The Job Interview

Kelly has just graduated with her marketing degree from UNA. She has interviewed with two firms so far without very much luck. However, she has great hopes for this interview. The job ad reads, We are looking for a marketing manager to help create new markets and improve our current products. We are looking for combination of experience and education in a graduate who can help us develop new marketing programs.

The firm she is interviews is called Creative Designs. The firm is an interior design firm for corporate offices and upscale homes. Kelly has worked in interior design with her mother’s business and has graduated with a marketing major and interior design minor.

Kelly is going to be interviewing with the owner of Creative Designs, Ms. Landsdale. Ms. Landsdale starts the interview by giving Kelly an introduction to the company. Ms. Landsdale stated that we have been designing custom interiors for offices and homes. We have used design software to create 10 model interiors and we further refine the interiors to the customers’ needs. This enables us to keep our costs down compared to our competitors who must do each design as an original. Our design specialists carry laptop computers to each client and potential customer showing our current design specifications.

Ms. L: Kelly this is where we get to you. Would you be interested in becoming a Design Specialist for our company?

Kelly: Yes, I love the idea of combining my education and experience in this field. In addition, I really look forward to working with a marketing organization.

Ms. L: This is why we are interested in marketing graduates. We need people who can communicate well with customers. How good are your communication skills?

Kelly: I am a very good writer and my presentations grades were excellent.

Ms. L: Give me an example of your skills, (she takes out a pen) Kelly sell me this pen.

Kelly takes five minutes to explain all the advantages of the pen and how it will benefit Mr. L.

Ms. L: That was very good. Do you have any questions before we conclude he interview?

Kelly: Yes, I am curious about the research you do in this organization and whether I would have the opportunity to work in that area in the future.

Ms. L: At the moment, we do not have a position in that area, we expect each Design Specialist to do their own research but in the future we may have a position. Currently, we research the demographics of each firm or client to determine their potential budget.

Kelly: Thank you very much for the interview. I hope you will hire me for this position.

After the interview, Kelly goes to the UNA library to research the company more. She finds that Creative Designs has the second leading market share in the area and their profits are just behind the market leader. The market leader is Interior Solutions is renowned for doing completely original designs.


(Reference needed )

1. What business philosophy is be used by Creative Designs? Explain.

2. Given your choice of business philosophy how would you sell the pen given to Kelly?  Explain.

(Reference needed )