informative speech paper

informative speech paper

Informative speech

The topic is supercar,also known as exotic car.

Outline needed.At least 3 sources.

The total speech time gonna be 6-8 mins. So make sure the paper is long enough.

The outline sample:

The speech rubric: rubric.doc

Some required details about the speech paper:

1.Briefly introduce the supercar.

2.Introduce 2-3 famous brand. (Lamborghini, MCLaren, Ferrari, etc.)

3.Introduce the SCC club in China. Use the website below:

4.Some supercar-related activities. Anything.Briefly introduce.

5.Supercar-related movies. Specifically introduceThe Fast and Furious. What this movies talks about? And why supercar important
in this movie?

Those are some required parts of the speech paper. You can add more related information.


MAKE SURE you read alllll the requirements before you give a bid!!!!!!!!!!