Homeland Security and Privacy Rights, management homework help

Homeland Security and Privacy Rights, management homework help

Should citizens be concerned about the methods used to collect intelligence and their effectiveness in preventing terrorism or should they be more concerned about privacy rights and constitutional rights being violated since a lot of information gathering has to deal with reviewing and monitoring calls, internet usage, social media, etc.? Should the entire homeland security information gathering and terrorism prevention methods be evaluated for the sake of citizens’ rights protection?

To complete the Capstone Project you will write a paper that addresses the following:

The type of paper will be Program evaluation.

Research Question

Write a 1- to 2-page rationale for your research question, including why the question is relevant to public administration, public policy, or nonprofit management and leadership.

Write a 12- to 14-page literature review that includes a minimum of 20–25 relevant scholarly articles, research reports, and/or other academic sources. Be sure to follow the literature review guidelines provided in the Machi and McEvoy text.

Write 4–5 pages explaining the types of data that may help you answer your research question, including which research method might be best if you were to collect data.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Write 3–4 pages explaining conclusions you might make, based on the analysis of the literature you found and your proposed research. Include recommendations, as well as how you might disseminate this information to stakeholders.