Fitness Interview

Fitness Interview

JUST FOCUS ON PART 1 and 2  INTERVIEW Just answers!! Cannot afford MUCH so please be Considered

The interview assignment asks you to interview a business owner of your choice. They must be a professional in the Fitness and Wellness industry. The person does not have to own a large business, but they must be highly active in the administrative and operations of the Fitness and Wellness industry. For example, a personal trainer who successfully contracts services would be acceptable.

  Before the actual interview, you will design several interview questions based on your interests as a fitness professional. Write out the questions before the interview. The interview should last between 15 – 45 minutes. Following the interview, write a summary of your findings. The summary should be at least 3-5 pages, APA formatted, and should provide information on what made this person successful in his or her business, as well as any characteristics of the business that make it successful. Add your thoughts and comments on the experience with the interview and how your findings influence your thoughts on running or starting a business.

Your assignment for week one, counting toward your 4 total submissions, is a follows.

Interview (wk1) Part I

This initial assignment is to help you and ensure you are on the right path.

Develop a target person to interview. This individual must be a fitness professional that you have personal access.  You may access them via phone, email, in person interview, video chat, etc. 

1.)  Submit a target interview candidate for approval.

Provide a short bio and explanation as to why this individual will be an asset to your future as a fitness professional.

2.)  Explain in specific detail how you will perform the interview.

Submissions must be 3-5 paragraphs.

Interview (wk2) Part II

Based on your approved interview target,

1.)  Develop 5-10 interview questions, providing follow up questions for each initial question.

2.)  Briefly explain why you chose/developed those questions.

Be sure to use include resources used to develop interview questions.