Final Paper outline:

Final Paper outline:

Final paper outline must contain: Introduction with thesis statement , at least 5 body paragraphs, conclusions and reference page containing at least 3 academic resources

From the choices below, compare and contrast a position in law enforcement agency and a position in a civilian organization/business.

Law Enforcement Agency

  • Local law enforcement agent from your state/Police officer
  • F.B.I. agent/officer
  • U.S. Army officer/ Military police officer
  • U.S. Marshals deputy
  • U.S. Secret Service agent
  • Internal Revenue Service agent
  • U.S. Border Patrol agent
  • U.S. Park Police agent
  • Postal Inspection Service agent
  • Central Intelligence Agency agent
  • State police officer
  • Highway patrol officer

Civilian Organization/Business

  • Doctor/Nurse
  • Teacher/Principal
  • Factory/Manufacturing organization manager
  • Large computer or electronics organization/company manager
  • Internet company manager
  • College or university provost/administrator
  • Water company manager
  • Telephone service company manager
  • Agricultural organization/company manager
  • Pilot/Flight attendant

You will discuss the following topics in relation to the two organizations/positions.

  • Training and certification needed for job responsibilities.
  • Work hours, duties, and compensation packages, including benefits for retirement, health, on the job injury, and overtime.
  • Job satisfaction with regard to morale, depression, divorce, drug/alcohol abuse, and suicide.
  • What employee assistance programs are available to each organization to help combat some of these issues?
  • What are the statistics within each type of organization?
  • What accounts for these statistics and why?
  • Impact of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (F.L.S.A.) on both types of organizations.
  • Improvements each organization could make to create a better work environment for all involved, from management down through first-line employees.