Ethical or wrongful act on a company of your choice. Power point presentation.

Ethical or wrongful act on a company of your choice. Power point presentation.

Each student shall prepare and give before the class a PowerPoint presentation approximately 15 minutes in length.  The presentation will focus on a real event concerning a corporate or organizational (governmental, religious, etc.)  The first part of the presentation shall be a history lesson of actually what happened.

  The second part of the paper is more abstract.  It asks you to go back in time to just before the actual event happened.  You are to assume that you are the head of the corporation’s/organization’s ethics department.  The corporation’s/organization’s board has assigned you to present to it an ethical analysis of the organization’s proposed course of action.  Of course, the course of action is the event that actually happened but for purposes of presentation you have to assume the event has not happened yet.

I.   PowerPoint in Lieu of Term Paper

II.  Topic – 10 Points:  Find any corporate or organizational “screw up” that actually happened or find an actual event in which a corporation or organization actually did the “right thing.”  You can go deep into history if you like.

III.  Outline – 20 Points:

A.  Identify at least three research sources – 5 points

B.  Outline following Part IV below – 15 points

IV.  Body of the Presentation – 170 points:

A.  Give us a History Lesson of the “screw up” or the “right thing”

1.  Identify the name of the company or organization – 5 points.

2.  Identify the date of the “screw up” or “right thing” – 5 points.

3.  State the facts of what happened – 20 points.

4.  NOTE – History lesson should be based on at least two sources.

B.  Shift Gears to Before the Event Happened

1.   Present the factual situation – 10 points.

2.  Present five business tactics the board is considering – 5 points.

3.  Of the five, identify the specific business tactic the board is asking you to analyze – 5 points.

4.  State the dilemma presented by the tactic – 10 points.

5.  Identify key issues to think about when considering the dilemma – 10 points.

6.  Identify probable responses to each key issue identified – 10 points.

7.  Of the probably responses, develop “but what if” to each probable responses – 10 points.

8.  Answer the five ethical questions – 50 points.

9.  Make a recommendation concerning whether you think the proposed course of action is ethical or unethical under utilitarian and deontological approaches – 10 points.

10.  If you recommend the proposed action is unethical, then explore whether there are changes the board can make to the business tactic to ethical – 10 points.

11.  If you recommend the proposed action is ethical, there will still be some people who will be harmed or will not benefit as much from the decision.  Suggest some changes the board can make to ameliorate some of those harmed or not benefitted as much by the decision -10 points.

12.  Professionalism of presentation – 10 points.

V.   Professionalism of Presentation – 10 points

A.  Use of Proper English

B.  Aesthetics of Presentation

i.  Don’t use plain white slides.

ii.  Incorporate a photo or two.

iii.  Incorporate a map to give us some idea where the event happened.

iv.  Include portion of a real world article, video of audio concerning the real event.

C.  Citations to the Sources in History Part of Paper

VI.  Try to Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself

If you have any questions please ask