ERP Systems Profitability Analysis

ERP Systems Profitability Analysis

purpose: The purpose of the paper is to develop your skills in (1) identifying ERP and profitability issues relevant in today’s business climate,  involved in the planning and profitability of their information systems, (2) developing an the idea into a manuscript, (3) presenting the results of your efforts in oral and written form.

Required: Identify a topic related to profitability analysis and ERP systems that is relevant to today’s business environment, and develop the topic into a manuscript suitable for publication in a nationally distributed journal or magazine for a professional audience, and present the results of your efforts to the class. 

Reading current business periodicals such as the Wall street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Business Week, etc. will help you identify topics that are interesting, relevant, and timely.  Reading recent issues of publications such as IS Audit & Control Journal, Computer Security Journal, EDPACS, Journal of Systems Management, Management Accounting, Journal of Accountancy, CPA Journal, Internal Auditor, Journal of Cost Management and Strategic Finance will help you decide a topic that is interesting to you.  You can also access the following website of the IIA to view their numerous emerging issues topics (left hand side bottom of screen “forum column index” and toggle to emerging issues).  Their website is:

The length of the manuscript is to be 10 to 15 pages of text, typed and double-spaced (excluding appendices, figures, table, and other materials).  Preparation guidelines for the manuscript should follow the APA format.

Some general topic areas to consider are:

Ø Improving business processes and business process controls.

Ø Using technology to improve audit quality and efficiency.

Ø Using technology to add analysis to support executive decision making.

Ø Ensuring proper controls in a distributed computing environment.

Ø Leveraging new technology (EDI, image processing, workflow and process automation, communications technologies) to increase profitability for an organization. 

Ø Using quick response as a strategy for improving inventory movement with automatic identification of materials and products (e.g. bar coding).

Ø Earned Value concepts and analysis.

Ø Comparative Analysis of BPC, Hyperion and other consolidation packages.

Ø An extension of any of the material covered each week.