Equal Rights Proposition Presentation, homework help

Equal Rights Proposition Presentation, homework help

Create a 12- to 14-slide comprehensive presentation of your equal rights proposition using the presentation software approved in Week 3. ** (need a minimum of 4 slides)**

Include the following: Topic: Veterans In The Work Environment

  • The issues, challenges, and opportunities experienced by this group in the labor force
  • How society has constructed this group’s identity
  • The legal framework relating to this issue

**Please note this is a team project and I am only responsible for these 3 bullet points. I will need at least a minimum of 4 slides for my part with speaker notes** Speaker notes can be used from my outline that will be attached. 

**Attached is the outline (in word format) that should be worked off of. Please be creative with implementing the information from the outline into each of the slides (minimum of 4) 

PLEASE…. ensure that you use the PowerPoint template that is attached, this is critical because my team and I have all agreed on this specific template.