Discussion questions

Discussion questions

Answer each question with 150-200 words:

Review Project Management, Ch. 11

Project Management Audits:

Various audits have become common in the project management industry. Chapter 11 discusses five of them. Select one and explain why it is in the best interest of the organization to ensure that it is conducted.

3 of the 5

-Best Practices Audits

-Quality Audits

-Performance audits

Project Management, Ch. 5

Team Conflict:

Team conflict is not uncommon in project management. What are some way you would handle conflicts?

Negative Team Dynamics:

Project managers can create an environment that breeds negative team dynamics. What are some of the initiators of this type of negativity?

Controlling Changes and Closing a Project Course

Project Success:

What is more important for successfully completing a project: the project management structure or the culture of the organization? Provide an example to support your answer.

Controlling Change:

Why is change control management important to the project manager? What can happen if an organization does not have an established change control management process? As a project manager, how would you ensure control management is accomplished?

Project Management Success Factor Video and Discussion

Watch Video: http://fod.infobase.com/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=49889

After watching the video, relate any or all of the five success factors to the project that has been the focus of your team assignments in this course.

Managing Projects Video and Discussion

Watch Video: http://search.alexanderstreet.com.contentproxy.phoenix.edu/view/work/1796217

After watching the video, discuss your thoughts on how well this project was managed. What were the highpoints?

Selecting and Initiating Projects Video and Discussion

Project portfolio management is a critical activity in a company’s program office. What do you see as some obstacles to effective portfolio management?