digital communication, computer science homework help

digital communication, computer science homework help

I need a small project (3-4 papers) about digital communication Including 10 academic sources 

Our professor instructions: 

You may choose any one topic or several topics from the readings/lectures that spark your interest and pursue them further. Alternatively you may propose a topic that does not emerge directly from the readings/lectures but is relevant to the course (prior approval required).

What you chose to pursue and how you pursue it will be a part of your grade.

This is a RESEARCH & WRITING based assignment no matter what format you choose for your final submission.

1. Pick your general topic of interest.

2. Create an open ended question to ask about the topic to narrow your focus to something specific. 

3. Conduct ACADEMIC research (a combination of library, online, ‘field’ observation, etc.) not to substantiate your beliefs but to find out different ways in which your question can be answered. It is a good idea to talk to me about your question and/or to consult the library for additional help finding sources.

4. Compile your research and consider what it tells you about how to answer your question.

5. Synthesize the material and construct an outline for your final submission (i.e. an essay sketch, a storyboard, or ‘wireframe’ kind of thing that organizes your material into a coherent thought).

*NOTE: No matter what format your final submission takes, you are required to submit a reference list of the resources that you consulted in your research. Your list of sources should NOT FEWER than 10 academic sources. The strength of your reference list will make up a portion of your grade.

This is the  title: Communication in the Digital Age

I need it on Wednesday night or afternoon  Thursday earlier will be better.

Could do that for me ? And how much does it costs?