Company of Choice: – Accenture, business and finance homework help

Company of Choice: – Accenture, business and finance homework help

Mini-Paper 2

Company of Choice: – Accenture

Assess a firm of your choice and the way it is organized internationally, in order to exploit global or regional advantages, yet remain responsive to local conditions. Identify the firm you have selected and summarize how it has been internationally organized over the past five years. Assess the structure and modus operandi of the firm in relationship to its objectives to exploit global (or regional) advantages, while remaining responsive to local conditions. Does the firm have the resources to compete internationally? Provide your strategic recommendations for the firm to become a market leader in the next five years.

Mini-Paper Format

Submitted in 12-point font, preferably Times New Roman, and double-spaced with 1-inch margins

The report should incorporate correct form, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and communication skills

Each paper should be well-organized and well-written (should not be more than four (4) pages in length)

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Due Sunday 11:59 p.m. ET


Three common types of plagiarism you need to be aware of as a student:

Recycling a paper; “double-dipping”; self-plagiarism: Reusing a paper you have written for a previous course

Copying directly from a source without proper quotations or paraphrasing: When you try to pass something off as your own work

Not using proper citations

Professor Suggestions:

This week, each class member will submit an individually-prepared Mini Paper #2. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Before you begin to write the manuscript, actually perform the assessment of the international company you have selected.

Note that this assignment requires an “assessment” not an “analysis.” Rather than performing a strategic analysis of the industry and company, you are expected to perform an assessment of how the environment, strategy, and structure align or do not align.

What are the Key Success Factors required in the industry and international markets in which the company competes? What strategy has the company employed to exploit global or regional advantages while remaining responsive to local conditions? What form of organizational structure and processes has the company implemented to support its international strategy? In sum, do these three elements (environment, strategy, structure) fit together in a way that creates competitive advantage? Why? Why not?

To perform this assessment, be sure to draw on the principles and practices of strategic management found in Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11.

After performing the assessment, you are now ready to consider writing the manuscript. Begin by arranging an outline of your logic using the findings from your assessment.

Note that the purpose of this assignment is not to impress the reader with your knowledge of industry or company-specific jargon. Instead, the purpose is to demonstrate your ability to assess the (mis)alignment of environment – strategy – structure. Therefore, take extraordinary care to make your manuscript readable to an audience that is familiar with the strategic management process but not necessarily with the terminology of the industry or company.

Prepare a professionally-written manuscript following the parameters established in the Course Outline.