business subject, Inc., management homework help

business subject, Inc., management homework help

question 1, Inc., corporate headquarters in Seattle, WA, is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company. Recently Amazon startedAmazon India.

In Teams, watch the above film, research Amazon India, and respond to the following questions:

  • According to Fortune’s Vivienne Walt, “Barely one-quarter of India’s population has access to the Internet at home, whether on asmartphone or computer, and only a small fraction of those have ever shopped online.” Is this a problem or an opportunity?
  • Who is Amit Agarwal and what is his role at Amazon?

(1) On or before Day 3 of this week, create you first individual Discussion Board post and share with the class your thoughts. Discuss what you personally think is necessary for a foreign company to become a technology leader in the Indian Marketplace

question 2

Blockchain Technology Corp. a blockchain and cryptocurrencysoftware technology company and startup acceleratoris, is one of the hottest topics in the financial sector.

In Teams, review their Website and read the white paper “Beyond Bitcoin: The blockchain revolution in financial services.” Next, in Teams, discuss the company’s technology, products, and career opportunities. Do you think this company will become a global leader in their field? Why or why not? Will their products change the way we business function?

(1) Create you first individual Discussion Board post responding to the above questions