Business Administration activity

Business Administration activity

A.Vision, self-reliance, confidence, tolerance of failure, tolerance of uncertainty, and energy are some entrepreneurial characteristics of successful entrepreneurs (Kelly & Williams, 2015, p. 102).  Of the characteristics listed, in your opinion, which three characteristics are the most important qualities of successful entrepreneurs, and why?  Add a characteristic not listed, and why this characteristic should be included?

B. This activity provides you with an opportunity to identify the resources available for businesses. It is advantageous to be cognizant of available resources while serving any role within a business. Navigate to the following website, and then provide an answer for #2, #3, and #4:

1. Go to website:

2. What is the purpose of the Small Business Administration (SBA)?

3. Identify the location of your local (the nearest) Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

4. What are two services offered through your local SBDC?

The purpose of this assignment is to locate and determine the major government resources available for small businesses.

Please draft your answers in complete sentences. Save your responses within a Word document