A short paragraph about Amazon, economics homework help

A short paragraph about Amazon, economics homework help

By now in the course of your research, you should have encountered some issues of broader significance connected to your company.  Examples of “issues” include, but are not limited to:

  • Labor
  • Environment
  • Cultural effects
  • Health
  • Crime and justice
  • Politics and power
  • War, violence, and terror
  • Gender relations
  • Race relations
  • Consumerism
  • International relations

The issue you choose will obviously depend to some degree on your chosen TNC, but there are many, many options for any single company.  For example, if you were studying Starbucks, you could potentially write about:

  • Can fair trade provide a living wage for coffee bean farmers?
  • What are the cultural effects of Starbucks’ presence in foreign countries?
  • How does Starbucks influence global health?
  • How does the focus on coffee growing influence food security in agricultural economies?
  • Does Starbucks divert clean water supply in developing countries?
  • Does Starbucks use child labor?

A few things to consider:

  • In the course of your research into your TNC, what surprising things have you found out?  Were there things that disappointed you?  Things that pleasantly surprised you?
  • Do any of the course lessons (including future ones) seem especially relevant to your TNC?
  • This paper does not have to be negative.  If you believe your TNC acts responsibly and ethically, you should certainly make this argument.
  • I want you to choose an issue that is most interesting to you.  It doesn’t need to be the most obvious choice (for example, you could choose Apple and the environment instead of Apple and labor issues).  At the same time, don’t overextend yourself into something too obscure or difficult to research.
  • Depending on the company you have chosen, there may not be a lot of data specific to your TNC.  To address this, you may use sources that speak more generally about the industry or sector of your company.  For example, if you were researching American Eagle and wanted to talk about sweatshops, you could use articles about textile manufacturing in general, or articles about the Gap or Nike to make your points.
  • An excellent paper for this assignment will not just say something about the specific company, but also say something meaningful about globalization itself.

To Turn In

A short paragraph explaining:

1) The issue you will be researching.  This may or may not be in the form of a research question.

2) Why this issue is important or relevant to your company.

3) What you hope to say about globalization in your research.

Company: amazon.com