3 pages of part of the group case study

3 pages of part of the group case study

1.  Read Case 13 & 14 – Dhahran Roads P.432-435.pdf, then following the key points below to write a Group Case Analysis:

a)  Exec Summary & Conclusion

b)  Time Value of Money & Net Present Value

c)  Profit Margin

d)  IRR

e)  Uncertainty & Sensitivity Analysis

f)  Downside Exposure

2.  The group case study should have a cover sheet, approximately 18 pages of text, a reference page

(APA Format, 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1” margins)., 

but you only need to do the Downside Exposure

3. You should write a
3 pages case analysis of Downside Exposure

The more details please read and follow the Requirements for Group Case Studies.doc